Ghostlight by Kenneth Oppel



Gabe doesn’t believe in ghosts. He also thinks his job at the lighthouse is boring so he likes to scare the tourists by telling them stories about the unexplained deaths at Gibraltar Point. All that is about to change when he accidentally awakens the ghost of sixteen year-old Rebecca Strand. Her and her father fell to their deaths in 1839 and now she is back.

Once he accepts there’s now a friendly ghost in his life, Gabe and his friends Yuri and Callie, try to help Rebecca find her killer, Nicholas Viker. The notorious cannibal that devours ghosts as a fuel source is after the ghostlight, a phenomenal source of energy. In the wrong hands it can be dangerous and it’s up to Gabe and his friends to find it before his beloved city is overrun by ghosts and ghouls from the past.

Ghost allies from the sea and surrounding graveyards come together to join in the fight of good versus evil as Viker and Gabe battle it out. The world needs his help and he’s going to give it everything he has in order to survive.

A tension-filled, edge-of-your-seat thriller as you turn each page, it’s not long before you are drawn into Gabe and Rebecca’s world as they stand up to the most terrifying threat to themselves and humankind.

This novel has already been compared to ‘Ghostbusters meets Stranger Things’ and I can’t think of a better comparison. It’s full of monster-squashing tech, friendships that confirm that there is good in this world and an abundance of brilliant humour amid terror that only the creepiest of stories can conjure up for a reader. Kenneth Oppel has created a story and characters that will stay with me for a long time to come. More please!


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