Ghost Bird by Lisa Fuller


It’s 1999. First Nation Australians, Stacey and Laney Thomson, begin their last year at high school knowing it won’t be long until they can head out into the world. They both consider their separate paths and what the future may hold for them away from the familiar surroundings of home and their close-knit community.

When Laney, goes missing, chaos ensues as Stacey tries to find her. A mirror twin, her dreams begin to unfold a truth she refuses to believe. Her Nan warned her of the dangers of the mountain and yet it calls to her in the dead of night. Secrets held within the darkness that threaten to tear her world apart.

Doors close as unspoken truths permeate the lies the town weaves, lies that thwart her every move to find Laney before it’s too late. She looks to her ancestors for guidance as she crosses into land that was once theirs knowing the racism and hatred they suffered for centuries. Can they lead her to Laney regardless of the dangers involved?

The sisters’ unbreakable bond is pushed to the limit in this tense, thought-provoking story of family, culture and their own beginnings.

A life-affirming narrative that will leave the reader questioning everything they know about their own life and the roots that were laid down before them.

As a twin myself, it’s rare for me to come across a novel that describes the unity two siblings have so profoundly. As I read through the chapters I found myself immersed, desperate to know that Laney was ok amid the revelatory dreams that Stacey was experiencing. There were moments I was so invested in their plight, I called my sister, just to hear her voice, reassured she was fine before reading on. This is a novel that resonated with me so much. It will forever have a place in my heart.

We all have things to learn. As a reviewer, I take my research very seriously. I address my privilege every day and I encourage you all to do the same. Lisa Fuller’s post on the use of the culturally appropriate language is a must-read.

Lisa Fuller is a member of the Wulli Wulli Nation, recognised in 2015 as the traditional custodians of 108,000 hectares of Queensland, Australia. Ghost Bird was an Honour Book in the Australian Book of the Year Awards and Winner, Readings Young Adult Book Prize and Queensland Literary Awards. Lisa has previously published poetry, blogs and short fiction and is passionate about culturally appropriate writing and publishing.


Lisa Fuller
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