Get Creative with Non Fiction!

These two brilliant non fiction titles will give your budding baker or formula 1 fan a hands-on reason to get creative.

With its step-by-step guide to building your own moving racing car with items you can easily find in the home, How To Build A Racing Car by author and “maker” Fran Scott and illustrator Paul Boston does exactly what it says on the tin. With engaging insights into the people, science, and engineering behind the world’s fastest cars, readers can discover what juggling at the same time as doing a handstand has to do with making your car “go”.

A humorous and brilliant approach to problem solving, this book has a fantastic opener by the author about how important it is to enjoy the process and improving your skills, regardless of the end result. Indeed, the reassuring message peppered among all the fascinating facts and activities is that mistakes are a brilliant opportunity to experience what being an engineer is all about – testing and tweaking to improve a design.

And when your racing car is ready to go, there are some awesome templates at the back of the book for ways to personalise your car for that all important READY, SET … GO! (and buy a copy now!)







My children love being at the helm with choose-your-own-adventure stories so I was curious to see how that might work with this non fiction title – and the answer is, deliciously!

Chews Your Own Tasty Adventure by Dr Sai Pathmanathan & illustrator Lucia Vinci is a truly original way of thinking about recipes and how they come together. Readers are first introduced to Flour who becomes a main character and the building block of the receipts to come. Children get to choose who Flour will meet next, with choices like ‘Sweet or Savoury’,  ‘Hot or Cold’, ‘Oil or Fun guy’ to choose from, Flour might end up in a Fruit Scone, Gnocchi, Samosas,  Injera and many more delicious dishes!

With a helpful glossary and a wonderful colour palette to tickle your palate, the book is crammed with useful tips and tricks for cooking and baking a whole host of vegetarian recipes. It also shows that, while these mouth-watering dishes and sweet treats come from all over the world, many start off in the same way, with the same initial ingredients…but it’s up to the reader to ‘chews’ where to go from there!

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