Frozen Planet II by Leisa Stewart-Sharpe & Kim Smith



In the powerful foreword to Frozen Planet II, Chris Packham reminds us that, although Earth’s frozen kingdoms seem far-removed from our everyday lives, they are essential parts of our global ecosystem. 

With stories from the iconic BBC series, Leisa Stewart-Sharpe’s compelling words and Kim Smith’s gorgeous illustrations do a brilliant job of showing us that truth. By bringing us closer to those icy landscapes, and the incredible creatures that inhabit them, we not only learn about them, and we learn to care about them.

It’s ice-packed with fascinating facts and tantalising tales, expertly told to keep the reader engaged – from deadly games of hide-and-seek between wolves and bison in Canada’s frozen forests, to bowhead whales taking trips to the ‘sea spa’.

Nature itself is full of peril and drama and wonder and excitement and hope…and this book is a brilliant reflection of that.

By helping to foster a sense of love and appreciation for this incredible planet, this non-fiction title is the perfect springboard for discussions about climate change, and the changes we too can make to protect our planet.

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