From Tiny Seeds… by Emilie Vast


Wow, now here’s a simply wonderful nonfiction picture book all about how a variety of plants – from dandelions to chestnut trees – spread their seeds and ensure they continue to grow and survive. Follow each one on its eventful journey.

I love the detail here, and I love how it’s presented.

Vast has grouped the seeds according to how they spread – such as flying, creeping, falling and exploding. Each section has a couple of spreads dedicated to it, personifying the plant in question.

Gorgeously thick pages are a joy to meander through. Vast’s explanations are entertaining as well as informative, this one was great to read out loud at school prior to our Growing topic – there’s even a gorgeous diagram at the back, labelled with the different parts of a plant.

From tiny seeds… will help little ones identify a range of wildflowers and trees and enable them to comprehend how they grow.

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