Fox: A Circle of Life Story by Isabel Thomas & Daniel Egnéus


A stunning and sensitive portrayal of the circle of life, of finding beauty in nature even during tough times.

With soft, lyrical language Isabel Thomas guides us through winter as Fox hunts for food to share with her babies. The language from Thomas and the illustrations from Daniel  Egnéus allow the reader to sink into the environment and the changing landscape. But then, one night, Fox dies.

Curled up in the forest, the authors use this moment to explain how Fox becomes part of the earth once again –

“As every particle that once was fox
finds a new place in the world…”

The gentle yet informative text provides a brilliant explanation of the circle of life, as even the text circles round to bring us back to the opening scene. I love that!

The themes in Fox are brilliantly supported by the inclusion of comprehensive, factual information at the end of the book.

As with their previous book, Moth, this one will be wonderful for use in the classroom too – covering themes such as the environment, food chains, lifecycle.

Fox is another engaging, thought-provoking and glorious book from Isabel Thomas & Daniel Egnéus.

Enjoy MyBookCorner’s interview with Isabel Thomas, here. 

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