Four Silly Skeletons

Four Silly Skeletons

Fred, Sid, Belle and Bill, are Four Silly Skeletons who love to dance. Music gets their bones moving and a-shaking. But when they choose to ignore their dear, sweet Aunty June’s warning, the loveable lot boogie, skip and hop straight down a


With it’s rhythmic and rhyming text, you can’t help but almost sing this story. My mini reviewers are already joining in with the words after just a few reads. At the end of the story the eldest always comments that we must take a torch with us when we go out in the dark! Four Silly Skeletons is also a big hit with the mini reviewer’s Daddy.

The black backgrounds are filled with brightly popping, autumnal and Halloween colours. Sue Hendra’s illustrations are so much fun, you can’t help but relish the details and action of every exciting spread. I particularly enjoy the use of vertical double spreads to show the steepness of the hill and the greatness of the drop!

Eye catching and delightfully spooky, Mark Sperring’s Four Silly Skeletons is a rollicking read, perfect for the run up to Halloween. And, whilst this picture book is filled with fun, it is also a cautionary tale, reminding children and adults of the importance of taking care in the dark. It also subtly implies the necessity of listening to well-meaning adults, trying to keep them safe, just like dear, sweet Auntie June.

If you are looking for a fun, silly and super read this Halloween, Four Silly Skeletons, is a picture book that ticks all the boxes.


Mark Sperring
Sue Hendra

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