For All The Stars Across The Sky – Karl Newson Chiaki Okada

For All the Stars Across the SkyFor All the Stars Across the Sky, written by Karl Newson and illustrated by Chiaki Okada, is a beautiful, tender picture book which celebrates the love, bond and special moments between parent and child.

‘For all the stars across the sky, big and little and bright. Here’s a wish from me to you, before we say goodnight…’

At the end of the day when the sun is fading and Luna is ready for bed, Luna and her mum play a game. They close their eyes and Luna makes a wish… she wishes for them to go on lots of wonderful adventures — flying like birds in the sky, swimming like fish with the sound of the whale song, and wishing to be smaller like ladybirds, exploring the vines and the twigs in the mud. Luna and her mum imagine themselves on lots of incredible adventures — all before bedtime.

The text reads like a beautiful poem, like a soft, soothing lullaby, that is filled with beauty, joy and wonder. Okada’s illustrations are magical, imaginative and artful, and the wonderful delicate, soft tones glow and bring the story to life. There are lots to see and explore within Okada’s artwork. I loved the subtle soft pastel colours and emotions on the mummy bear and baby bear — it was so sweet and wonderful.

For All the Stars Across the Sky is one to read aloud and snuggle up with for a dreamy, soothing bedtime story, about a mum and a baby bear wishing upon stars. It is a beautiful new bedtime classic, full of love, emotion and imagination.

The perfect book for this Mother’s Day!

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Karl Newson
Chiaki Okada
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