Fire Boy by JM Joseph


Caution! Buckets of water, sprinkling hoses and fire extinguishers required! This book is a flaming good read!

Once I’d started on this blazing Fire Boy adventure I could not put it down. It is the very entertaining, fast paced and extremely funny story of an accidental superhero, ordinarily known as 11 year old Aiden Sweeney.

Sweeney begins the story as a regular boy, living with his kind-hearted Mum, Lemon the cat and fierce Granny. A surprise, top-secret package from Peru changes his conventional life and sets the tone for this surprising page–turner.

Aiden and his friends, Sadie and Hussein, excitedly and apprehensively rip open the heavily taped, bubble wrapped parcel to find a jar of sweets inside. They discover (after each devouring one) that these are not your average sweets – they have the strangest effect on the human body you could possibly imagine! Aiden and his pals acquire extraordinary super powers!

Fire Boy is Aiden’s alter ego, he develops the ability to ignite – a skill which takes a little practice and a few blunders before perfection! Sadie is able to move objects with her mind and Hussein can control any electrical device. Together they use their powers to attempt to defeat a dangerous criminal, Aiden joins a circus and they try to bring down the class bully, Mitchell Mulch.

Readers will be particularly fond of the variety in presentation of the story. There are multiple choice questions, lists, text messages and letters as well as the usual paragraphs. This variation coupled with the fact the chapters are short means that even the most reluctant of readers will enjoy this adventure.

J.M. Joseph has written a red hot debut of a book and an exciting teaser at the back hints at another captivating adventure to come for Aiden and his chums. Let’s hope it will be soon!


J. M. Joseph

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