Fir For Luck

Fir For Luck - Barbara HendersonStrong-willed and stubborn,12-year old Janet is constantly at war with her Granna. She doesn’t want to fetch water from the well or make bere for the men after their long day, she wants to help cut the bent or go out on the fishing boats and pull in the nets. It’s so unfair!

The year is 1814 and trouble is brewing in the small hamlet of Ceannabeinne where Janet lives with her family. The Highland Clearances are well under way and her village is the next on the Sheriff’s list. An inferno of injustice engulfs Janet as she tries to come to terms with why they are being evicted to be replaced by woolly animals. The land is better served by sheep than fisherman she is told over and over again. But this is her home, why they should they leave!

With the help of her friends and family, Janet is determined to stall the Officers serving the writs. As long as no-one touches the crisp, starch eviction notice then they cannot be held to it. Will they survive the next attempt from the Sheriff or will they be forced from their homes on the hillside as they watch their houses burn from the flames of the mob sent to do the Sheriff’s dirty work?

Based on real-life events, Janet’s bravery and determination shine through in this edge-of-your-seat story of courage and stoicism that will reside with you long after you finish the last page! An excellent debut from Barbara Henderson.


Barabara Henderson
Nicola Poole
Cranachan Publishing

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