Finding Treasure Island by Robin Scott-Elliot



It’s 1881 and Samuel Osbourne is the only American at his English boarding school for boys. He is constantly on guard against the pranks made by his fellow pupils, making his time there unpleasant and fretful. Taking solace in books where the adventures on the page take him to places of wonder, he can’t wait for the school holidays to arrive.

Sam is finally able to head north to spend time with his mum and step-dad, writer Robert Louis Stevenson, and family. In the wilds of Braemar, he tries to stay out of bother but all that changes when he meets Jen Hawkins.

Jen knows the terrain like the back of her hand. Every wood that surrounds them, every river and burn to splash in and every nook and crannie that hold secrets within their darkened hide and seek holes.

His desire to run free, even with ailments that sometimes scupper his chances of fun outside, ensure that Jen and Sam form a friendship like no other. With his step-dad determined to write his best story yet, Sam and Jen make the most of their time up north, filling each day with incredible adventures, and unknowingly providing a writer with some wonderful inspiration.

It all starts with a map…

‘Finding Treasure Island’ written by Robin Scott-Elliot is a wonderful story of friendship, family and hidden treasure. A fantastic adventure awaits every reader, with beautiful illustrations collated by the incredible team at Cranachan from Anna Babich, Lana Sham and Tartilla.

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