Find The Spy by Zoë Armstrong and Shelly Laslo


It’s here! Hooray!

Find The Spy has snuck onto the shelves – have you spied it yet? This one is chock-a-block full of engrossing activities and juicy stories to get your inner spy ready for action.

Yep! Embrace that inner spy and let it loose in Find The Spy as you stealthily read each page to discover some real-life stories and pick up some crafty tricks along the way.

Armstrong and Laslo’s book is filled with the stories of eight real-life spies. Read the heart-stopping account of Violette Szabo’s daring fight, and Mary Bowser’s perfect plan to spy on the President of South America. I love the huge range of real life stories in this book, along with the fabulous details Armstrong has included.

Now,  your kids are really truly going to love the huge amount of spy activities included within in the pages.  Armstrong and Laslo encourage readers to try out an eclectic mix – there’s a recipe for invisible ink, a comprehensive guide to the art of disguise, plus, an entire section on cryptography. Add in the ‘Can You Spot?’ sections and you’ll realise this is a book to return to plenty of times.


Lookedy look at Shelly Laslo’s illustrations! Aren’t they great?! There’s so much detail and character captured on each page.


Find The Spy is a real gem of a book!

Zoë Armstrong popped into My Book Corner to answer our infamous questions, read her answers here.

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