Farts in the Wild – H.W. Smeldit & Jared Chapman

fartsinthewildThis interactive, press-and-play picture books for younger children is probably one of the most important books to be published in the past 10 years.

Farts in the Wild takes a highly educational approach to teaching children how to recognise many different animals’ distinct farts (a different one for each page). The book depicts common fart-inducing scenarios on every spread, reinforcing these scenes with a button that – helpfully – plays that animal’s individual fart noise for the children to press and learn about.

One memorable animal scene in the book include an elephant who farts after every time it blows through it trunk. The sound that plays from this page is a genius un-subtle mix of parping, trumpet trunk and parping, fart-y ripples.

But probably my favourite page is the sneaky cat fart scene. This shows a cat walking across a front room and nonchalantly farting (semi-silently) away, hoping no one will notice. But, as you play this cat’s fart sound – which is a more gentle pfffft-parp than the elephant scenario – it’s clear to see the owner pictured on this page is suffocating from the cat’s silent, but violent, smelly fart.

If you’d like some great fun for your younger child, and help them learn about the important topic of farting in the process, then I highly recommend buying Farts in the Wild…!

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