Evie and the Animals by Matt Haig & Emily Gravett


Matt has such a lively, accessible writing tone that it’s almost impossible not to get sucked into this brilliant and light-hearted adventure of telepathy and animals!

Evie Trench isn’t a normal girl, because she can talk to animals through her mind…and they talk back to her. She discovers, though, that this gift may actually be a curse. Because her mother – who died trying to save the Amazon forest – also had this “talent”, and was hunted down by the evil Mortimer J Mortimer whose only goal is to use his power to enslave all the world’s animals to do his bidding.

Evie gets in to much trouble, falls out with her friends, gets bullied, and has a difficult time with her father as she falls deeper and deeper towards the scary world of Mortimer J Mortimer, who is now hunting her using hundreds of dangerous animals escaped from the local zoo.

This little book is funny, moving, and jam-packed full with animal facts and really good environmental messages for young children – definitely a great read!


Matt Haig
Emily Gravett
Canongate Books

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