Every Friday


With a fun filled, 1950’s retro style vibe Every Friday is pure joy. Dan Yaccarino has created a picture book which celebrates the simple things we do with children, and shows how sometimes doing the same things is such a positive.

Our little character begins the book by announcing that his favourite day is Friday … and he shows us why.

Be taken on a delightful journey as he and his dad venture outside, no matter what the weather. Spotting familiar landmarks, and familiar people adds to their journey … to their favourite cafe. A simple breakfast journey that means so much.

“Everyone is rushing but we’re taking our time.”

Dan Yaccarino’s illustrations are gorgeous. I love the characters he creates on each page. The colours dominate the pages and help to communicate the overall happy tone of this lovely picture book.

A perfect one for Father’s Day.


Dan Yaccarino
Dan Yaccarino

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