Emma Perry – Best Book of 2017

Emma Perry, founder of My Book Corner, selects her Best Book(s) of 2017…

The Gritterman

The Gritterman

OK, so I really, really couldn’t stick to just one. I narrowed it down to *cough* 3. And that was tricky. Very tricky.

First up, The Gritterman from Orlando Weeks. I love the gentle, quietly evocative portrayal of an everyday hero. Wonderful narrative, and jaw droppingly exquisite illustrations.

Next would have to be Witchfairy from Brigitte Minne and Carll Cneut. I adore the unique style of Cneut’s illustrations and the feisty character Minne has created.

Jabari Jumps - Gaia CornwallAnd my final selection is Jabari Jumps from Gaia Cornwall. Cornwall really gets into the mindset of a young child – that fear when faced with doing something new for the first time.

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