Emba Oak & The Terrible Tomorrows by Jenny Moore

When Emba hears a thump from outside, a dragon is the last thing she expects to find. Convinced it’s just her imagination running wild, her friend Fred has no option to tell her truth and her world will never be the same again.
A baby girl with yellow eyes and scaly limbs – born from a dragon’s egg. Emba can’t quite believe what’s happening and is sure the dragon outside is going to take her away from those she loves. With dragon blood coursing through her veins, an evil sorcerer is on the hunt for her and she must remain out of sight to survive, protected only by the charm she wears around her neck.
When her well-meaning friend Odolf accidentally tells the sorcerers henchman where she is hiding, Emba is in immediate danger. Fred consults The Tome of Terrible Tomorrows for a way out of this predicament. A magical book filled with secrets and guidelines for such an occasion, they learn what they must do to get rid of the evil tracking Emba’s every move. Before they can act, Fred is kidnapped and Emba is left to navigate her way. Resolute and with the help of Odolf, together they set out to rescue Fred. Are you brave enough to join Emba on her quest?
A tension-filled adventure of friendship and loyalty, writer Jenny Moore has created a brilliant character in Emba and with friends like Odolf and Fred, the reader will not want the story to end. A wonderful world of magic and dragons awaits, beautifully depicted on the cover by illustrator David Dean.
Book two in the series – Emba Oak and the Beckoning of Bones – is hopefully coming to a bookshelf near you soon. Watch this space!

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