Emba Oak and the Beckoning Bones By Jenny Moore

Soaring through the air faster than she’d ever thought possible, Emba Oak awakens from yet another exhilarating dream where her dragon genes allow her to fly. The scales on her body and the need to control the fire that burns deep within her, makes her question if the dreams she’s been having are in fact reality. Her dragon fire soars within her and she must learn to control it or else put everything and everyone she loves in danger.
Determined to find answers to the magic she holds within, she follows the call of the Petrified Peaks. Aware the magic she possesses would bring riches to anyone who captures her, she must be wary of all she meets, keep her friends safe and decipher the dream-like dragon messages she uncovers along the way. The Relentless Rain of Retchedness, The Scorching Circle of Even More Certain Doom and many more obstacles befall Emba and her friends Odolf and Fred, as they navigate their way to the depths of the mountains and find the Hidden Hall. Emba doesn’t know what awaits her there but she is determined to find out.
The fabulous Jenny Moore has created a fantastic follow up to Emba’s adventures in her second book ‘Emba Oak and the Beckoning Bones’. A brilliant story full of adventure, intrigue and harnessing your power! With bold illustrations by David Dean depicting the journey Emba must make, this is a story of friendship and believing in yourself – dragon scales and all!

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