Drawn To Change The World – a Graphic Novel Collection by Emma Reynolds



This astounding collection of interviews with 16 youth climate activists –  brought to you by illustrator and #KidLit4Climate founder Emma Reynolds – is really bringing something new to the shelves with its original concept and format.


Drawn To Change The World illustrates the stories young people who are making a differences to their communities and the world, this book is an inspiration to people of any age, and from any background. Indeed, the young people spotlighted come from all over the world and from varied backgrounds But whether they are Indigenous, Black, Asian, LGBTQ+ or Latinx, they all share one common goal – to fight for the future of our planet.



The individual stories  are engagingly told through a series of mini graphic novels, each one illustrated by a different artist. This further enhances varied, intersectional aspect of this empowering non fiction title, and reinforces the message that many people  can change the world in many ways!

And look! The artwork is simply stunning. The selection below is just a snippet of the styles and palettes.






















The book also gives us a snapshot into what the activists are doing now, and provides suggestions on what YOU can do!  It is truly an empowering read.


The Activists: Autumn Peltier, Tokata, Melati & Isobel Wijsen, Edgar Edmund Tarimo, Jamie Margolin, Jerome Foster II, Greta Thunberg, Ridhima Pandey, Daphne Frias, Iqbal Badruddin Jamal, Jean Hinchliffe, Arshak Makichyan, Ōu Hóngyì, Leah Namugerwa, Dara McAnulty


The Artists: Natasha Donovan, Gloria Félix, Ann Maulina, Bill Masuku, Teo DuVall, Derick Brooks, Emma Reynolds, Shivana Sookdeo, Devon Holzwarth, Anoosha Syed, Erin Hunting, Margarita Kukhtina, Jade Zhang, Natasha Nayo, Victoria Maderna & Federico Piatti.

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