Door – JiHyeon Lee

DoorFrom the creator who gave us Pool, comes another glorious wordless picture book. Welcome to JiHyeon Lee’s Door.

Now this story begins with the endpapers at the very beginning. Don’t ever forget those, particularly in the case of this book. Or, you won’t know how that all important key appears.

When our narrator is shown a key, and follows the mysterious benefactor, take a look at the expressions of those adults he passes – gosh, they look grumpy as they go about their everyday lives. Already we know our little character is heading for a much more exciting journey.

He is led to a door – dusty, old and full of cobwebs. The key fits and the door opens to reveal a most extraordinary world. The grey pencil lines and large white spaces are replaced with vivid colour and tonnes of beautiful, imaginative details as he steps through.


Our main character literally bumps into new creatures. The language they speak is different to his own. Yet. They communicate, they look after him and welcome him in. A picnic is enjoyed, games are played and more people join in, emerging from their own doors. I LOVE the ones for the birds! Each page becomes fuller and fuller; filled with joy, happiness and a very special event.

Opening the door literally opens new worlds… leading to new people, new friendships and plenty of joy. Timely, right??

JiHyeon Lee’s Door is, quite simply, stunning.

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JiHyeon Lee
JiHyeon Lee
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