Dog on Stilts

Deliciously quirky … just look at those illustrations. Dog on Stilts is the second book from the guys that created the totally crazy The Weasel Puffin Baboon Pig Lobster Race.


This book is so much fun to read, and looks just wonderful.

Medium dog is just that … medium, ‘nobody notices me.’ He’s feeling a little despondent about his lot, so decides to do something about it. What else should a medium dog do … but grab a pair of stilts?! Of course!

Oh what fun can be had high in the sky ‘dancing on stilts is most excellent fun.’ With a bouncy rhythm and rhyme to the narrative James Thorp has great fun detailing the antics dog gets up to from his new found place.

McKinnon’s illustrations increase the energy and pace, not least due to the need to switch between landscape and portrait mode as you read through the pages.

Medium really is no ordinary dog, and this is far from an ordinary picture book.



James Thorp
Angus MacKinnon
Digital Leaf

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