Does A Kangaroo Have A Mother Too?

Does Kangaroo Have A Mother Too? Eric CarleEric Carle’s trade mark style and simplicity introduces a variety of animals and the love of their mothers in this picture book entitled, Does A Kangaroo Have A Mother, too?

Each double page answers the question but with a different animal taking its turn on each page, this is due to the clever page turner slipped in at the bottom of each,

“Does a swan have a mother; too?”

Each animal dominates an entire page in Eric Carle’s colourful, vibrant manner of appealing to a young child’s attention. The steady pace and careful repetition make it perfect for a younger listener.

The endnotes which contains names of animal babies, parents and their groups, for each animal featured in the book, is a nice touch ensuring this picture book will still add value once your child develops his or her own reading skills.

Does A Kangaroo Have a Mother, too? is a featured titled on our list of the Best Mother’s Day Books.

Does Kangaroo Have A Mother Too? Eric Carle


Eric Carle
Eric Carle

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