Do Not Disturb The Dragons by Michelle Robinson & Sharon Davey


Ooo I devoured this wonderfully warm and funny story in one sitting.

Do Not Disturb the Dragons is the first in a brand new series from Michelle Robinson and Sharon Davey. It follows the sisters Grace and Portia who live in a castle, protected by dragons. This is no ordinary land – the dragon’s poop is glitter-filled, there are an abundance of unicorns and there are mermaids in the moat! It’s quite a special place.

There are also rules.

Lots of them.

Rules that very clearly state what Grace and Portia can and can’t do… just because they are girls. Hmmm. Grace maybe very lucky – as a princess living in a castle, but, what she’d really love to do more than anything else, is become a knight. As a knight she’d be able to play that amazing sport, Troll-o. What I love about their adventure, is how the sisters work together to try and achieve this, there’s no hint of rivalry.

Populated by a wonderful array of characters from Brum (love Sharon Davey’s illustrations of Brum) and his dad Bunkum, to Taffy the troll there’s lots going on. And. Keep an eye on Sharon Davey’s chapter headers too…

Witty dialogue, fast pace and delightful illustrations that I’m sure the dragons would approve of! Do Not Disturb The Dragons is a glittery and feisty read.


Michelle Robinson
Sharon Davey

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