David Tazzyman

David TazzymanDavid Tazzyman illustrator of the brilliantly funny You Can’t Take an Elephant on a Bus has popped into My Book Corner.

Here he shares his worst habits, some sneaky peeks behind the scenes of You Can’t Take an Elephant on a Bus, plus he reveals the title of his next book!

Tell us about you in 25 words or less.

I am an illustrator of children’s books amongst other more boring stuff.  I am a dad. I am very lucky.

What makes you happy?


Lionel Messi running with the ball.


A decent pair of jeans.

My family (they’ll kill me if I don’t say that).

Watching my eldest boy play football.

Where have you always wanted to visit, but haven’t made it to … yet?

New York.

South America.

Which page from You Can’t Take An Elephant on the Bus did you have the most fun creating?

Probably the bear spread (with the tiger a close second). I loved creating a scene of greed, chaos and destruction motivated by ice cream.

Where is your favourite place to create books?

My studio or rather the front bedroom of my house. It’s a right mess. Littered with books, drawings, bits of paper, pencils, paints, brushes, draws full of stuff, a retired skateboard, a drawing board, random lists, a Mac, lego art that my kids give me on a daily basis, my cricket kit, a football, yesterday’s tea cups. Walls covered in postcards, posters, photocopies, photos and other people’s artwork for inspiration. But oddly I have my best ideas in the shower or sitting in my garden.

What’s the best thing about being an illustrator?

Not having to do a proper job.

Once you began collaborating with author Patricia Cleveland-Peck, did anything within the narrative change?

Yes, the pig was going to be in a pram but I though a pig on a skateboard would be funnier.

What’s the strangest question you’ve ever been asked (and what was your answer)? 

Q. Is your name really Tazzyman?

A. Yes.

What’s your worst habit?

It used to be smoking, now it’s just picking my nose or squirting squirty cream into my mouth straight from the can and then putting it back in the fridge without anyone knowing.

Your favourite word(s) and why


Can you give us a glimpse / peek / hint at your current WIP?

Yep.  The Truth (according to Arthur), my new picture book

Did we forget anything?

I can’t remember.

Just for fun

Tea or coffee?    tea

Paper books or e-books?    paper

Cake or chocolate?    Chocolate cake

Write or type?    write

Poetry or prose?    prose

Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin?    Hufflepuff

Hot or cold?    tepid

Hugest thanks to David Tazzyman for answering all MBC’s questions. You can discover more about David over on his website.

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