Danny Champion of the World

danny-champion-of-the-worldDanny Champion of the World is a masterpiece from the reliable and imaginative pen of Roald Dahl. With the relationship between father and son at its core, it is both tender and witty.

Danny lives with his father in a gypsy caravan next to their filling station and car garage/workshop. Danny’s mum died when he was young and so he and his father have developed a close, trusting bond.

Victor Hazell is the bloated, redfaced villan of the peace who has met his match with Danny and his father.

They hatch a plan to carry out

‘the greatest game of hide and seek in the world.’

Father and son work together hatching a plan that will be the best ever. Dahl’s gift for language leads to some great descriptions of characters in particular – his carrot haired teacher is a stand out!

Dahl’s writing is incredibly engaging, he has a gift for entertaining adults and children alike, this novel is no exception.

This is one of the most grounded of Dahl’s stories – no giants, flying foxes or huge peaches. It is a celebration of good over bad, father together with son. It is the perfect addition to our Father’s Day list.


Roald Dahl
Quentin Blake

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