Daisy and the Unknown Warrior by Tony Bradman & Tania Rex


Sadly, Daisy’s father died in World War One but her family were never able to have a funeral because his body was never found, like so many lost soldiers at the time. But then Daisy hears about the government’s plan to repatriate one unknown soldier from the battlefields and bring him back to England for a special ceremony.

Daisy completely believes the “unknown warrior” to be brought home will be her dad, so she just has to get to the ceremony to be near him. But her mum and brothers think she is being very difficult in their time of grief.

Written Tony Bradman’s light, educational touch, this is a lovely story for very young readers that explains to them one of the hardest parts of the wars: that so many families never found out what happened to their loved ones.

And, in the story, we follow Daisy on her quest to make it to the Unknown Warrior, where she’ll find the answers to more things than she imagined.


Tony Bradman
Tania Rex
Barrington Stoke

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