Daddy Hairdo

DaddyHairdoDaddy Hairdo, a picture book from Francis Martin and Claire Powell, is great fun! When Amy’s hair just keeps growing, it causes endless trouble.

Despite this, Amy REFUSES to go to just any hairdresser. So, her Dad comes to the rescue. After much studying and practising, he comes up with the Daddy Hairdo! Her Dad comes up with some bonkers hairstyles, which become a huge hit. But, Amy soon finds that perhaps having MASSIVE hairstyles can cause problems. Will she relent and go to the hairdressers after all?

I really loved the beginning pages, where when Amy is growing her hair, and she gets more and more hair, Dad’s hair is getting less and less and starts disappearing. I think Dad’s reading this would really relate!

Frances Martin has come up with some hugely imaginative hairstyles! The illustrations by Claire Powell are fantastic. Not only has she illustrated the great hairstyles, but she’s accessorised them. My favourite has to be ‘The Ice Cream Cone’, which is on the front and back cover. The wafer on top really makes me chuckle! There are also a lot of hidden extras in the illustrations – which add to the fun and hilarity of the story! Be sure to check out the magazine and poster titles on some of the pages.

Daddy Hairdo is sure to be a hit with children and result in many giggles! It is a great book to be shared, especially between daughters and their Dads.


Francis Martin
Claire Powell
Simon & Schuster

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