Crime Squirrel Investigators : The Naughty Nut Thief by Emily Dodd and Gulia Cregut

crimesquirrelinvestigatorsRosie and Charlie are the best of friends. When Rosie asks him to keep a secret, Charlie is very excited, he loves secrets!

She soon realises her secret nut store has been rumbled and there’s not a single nut left for her to eat! Rosie and Charlie search for clues as to who the nut thief is by watching all the other animals in the forest.

Is Rosie the only one with a secret? Can Charlie help her solve the case of the missing nuts?

Emily Dodd‘s caper in the woods is a wonderful story of secrets and friendship as we follow the main characters intrepid investigation to find the hidden food treasure. With Gulia Cregut’s bright and bold illustrations, Crime Squirrel Investigators is a fantastic look at wildlife found in our local woods and a must for every budding detective out there!

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[Reviewer’s own copy – we love it that much!]



Emily Dodd
Gulia Cregut
Little Door Books

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