Creepy and Maud

Creepy and Maud

Creepy & Maud is a YA novel which is both awkward and intriguing.

Looking for a YA novel which is quirky? Delve in …

Creepy & Maud is both amusing and heartfelt, strange yet familiar and unlike anything I’ve ever read before … and yes, that most definitely is a good thing!

Creepy and Maud are neighbours. Creepy can see right into Maud’s bedroom. Yep!

They go to the same school, but they’ve never really connected. To be honest, Creepy has never really connected with anyone at school.

Told from the alternating viewpoints of both Creepy and Maud powerful observations are made of both sets of parents and their relationships with their teenage offspring.

The windows, metaphorically and physically, allow each of them (and the reader) into the lives of each other. They do connect as we do, but from a distance. And as Maud in particular struggles with her life, Creepy is there to support her … from a distance.

Maud’s relationship with her parents is an incredibly oppressive one, and arguably as a result of this she suffers from Trichotillomania – she pulls out her own hair.

Creepy and Maud is powerful stuff, Dianne Touchell tackles mental illness without glorifying it – Maud’s life is tough, and isolating.


Dianne Touchell
Freemantle Press

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