Crater Lake by Jennifer Killick



Here’s a cracking page turner for you!

We’re a big fan of Jennifer Killick’s writing, as you know.  Crater Lake is a little bit of a departure from her usual content and I adored it – it also has bundles of Killick’s trade mark wit, humour and dialogue.

The Year 6 residential trip has become somewhat of a fixture on the calendar now, hasn’t it! I love how Killick has taken this and thought… what if ?

What if…  you arrive at your residential trip only to be greeted by a scared camp member, shouting, screaming and covered in blood?!

What if… strange things start happening to your camp mates? Almost like they’ve been hypnotised?

What if… you and your motley group of friends are the only ones who’ve stayed safe and it’s now up to you to rescue… everyone?!?!

Killick’s novel has incredible pace as it hurtles towards its conclusion. At it’s heart is a friendship that develops and matures as they come up against some crazy odds, but ultimately they are there for each other. I love that.

Crater Lake is an absorbing, spine-tingling adventure with a big dollop of friendship, sci-fi and humour.

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