Cover Reveal: The Vigiliante Tooth Fairy by BB Taylor & James Shaw

BB Taylor has penned a chapter book about a world in which children have stopped believing in magic, no longer leaving their teeth out for the fairies. No teeth, no magic, and no more fairies! Time is rapidly running out.


Publishing in March 2020, My Book Corner is super excited to be revealing, the cover of BB Taylor’s illustrated chapter book, The Vigilante Tooth Fairy, illustrated by James Shaw…

Tooth Fairy Cover

MD of Tiny Tree, James Shaw, told us how he discovered BB Taylor and her script…

“We’d met BB at an event for one of our other books and she had this incredible, excited, energy about her. We wanted so badly to work with her, so when her manuscript landed in our submissions inbox we were over the moon. Her words carried that same energy she’d shown us in person, and we knew we had to publish The Vigilante Tooth Fairy. It was fun, it had attitude, and the characters jumped off the page. Making a great first impression is so important.”

The Vigiliante Tooth Fairy sounds very intriguing… on her teeth-stealing adventure, Mouse – the smallest tooth fairy – begins her mission to steal children’s teeth in the hope that she can save her fairies before it’s too late. But is this drastic course of action the answer? What happens when a little girl finds her out? Is the jig up, or is there another way?

A not so average fairy tale, the rules have been thrown out the window, so who knows what may happen along the way!

About BB Taylor

Professional daydreamer, training to be a superhero one day … Birmingham based author B B Taylor loves to adventure and find inspiration for new stories whenever she can. When she’s not hanging out with her yeti she can be found sharing stories and having fun, taking every day to find opportunities and learn something new! Her most recent books include Curse of the Nomed created to support Children’s Mental Health Charity Partnership for Children.

You catch up with BB Taylor on twitter, here.

Thanks BB Taylor and Tiny Tree Books for entrusting us with your book cover reveal. We can’t wait to read it!


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