Cover Reveal: The Titanic Detective Agency

Super excited to be revealing the cover of Lindsay Littleson’s new book to you today. Created by Anne Glennie, the cover of The Titanic Detective Agency is revealed via a video no less!


Psst once you’ve admired its beauty, scroll down for a few words from Lindsay Littleson  about Anne Glennie’s cover.

“The Titanic Detective Agency’s cover has all the necessary details; an iceberg, the ship and Bertha Watt’s ‘borrowed’ magnifying glass. But the cover design is more than than just a clue to the book’s contents. Anne Glennie has created yet another stunning, beautifully designed cover. On the night the Titanic went down many of the survivors commented on the clear, starlit sky and that sky is right there on the cover of my book. It’s the night of the sinking and that beautiful ship is only hours away from its terrible end.

Aboard ship, the passengers, including twelve year old Bertha and her new friend Madge, are oblivious to the danger. You can’t see the passengers on the cover. To see inside the ship, you need to open the book.”

The Titanic Detective Agency by best-selling author Lindsay Littleson will be published by Cranachan Publishing on the 15th April 2019, it will be available to order through all good bookshops as well as online at

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  1. What an intriguing setting for a detective mystery. Beautiful cover too.

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