Cover Reveal: A Tiger Named Lee by Sinéad Murphy & Shannon Cresham

The debut picture book from Sinéad Murphy and Shannon Cresham hits the shelves, June 2021. A Tiger Named Lee, (I’ve had a sneak peek!) is a lovely rhyming picture book about finding your own courage.

All morning, authors and bloggers have been sharing their own versions of what they think the cover may be.

Super delighted to be revealing that actual gorgeous cover, right here…


“Working on A Tiger Named Lee was a privilege as a university student, and collaborating with such a patient and supportive company and author has made this first book a great learning experience. It’s a lovely story, particularly the mother-child relationship, which I felt a connection to that helped inspire my illustrations.” – Shannon Cresham, Illustrator

A Tiger named Lee tells the story of a timid little tiger who refuses to leave his tree-top perch and go down to the jungle floor for fear of what may lie there. However, he and his Mum are thrown from the tree on a stormy night and the little tiger has to overcome his fears.

“From the outset I knew this book was going to be a winner. Sinéad’s style of writing and the gorgeous little story of Lee jumped out at me immediately. Sinéad is so eager and easy to work with, which is fantastic. Then we found Shannon, who has such amazing talent at a young age, and I knew we were on to something great. This has been a joy to work on and I cannot wait for everyone else to experience it when it is released.” – James Shaw, Tiny Tree Children’s Books

Available to pre-order now!

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