Cosy Comfort Reads

There’s nothing quite like a cosy, comforting book when the winter nights draw in and these fantastic children’s authors have the perfect stories to curl up with!




Wolf and Bear written and illustrated by Kate Rolfe

Stunningly illustrated and gorgeous to read aloud, author-illustrator Kate Rolfe has brought us a touching, gentle story of those moments when the world is too bright, so we retreat to the shadows. The mix of warm and cool colours in this picture book gave me all the feels of being by the fireside on a cold winter’s day, and I imagine this is how Bear feels when he basks in the warmth of Wolf’s song on bright-moon nights. A powerful story about difficult feelings, finding and giving support, and sharing common ground. A wonderful book encourage conversations around mental health.






A Way To The Stars by David Almond & Gill Smith

I love the father-son relationship in this surprisingly down-to-earth story about reaching for the stars. Dad’s casual acceptance of his son Joe’s seemingly-impossible dream to reach the stars is just brilliant.  Joe wants to find a way to reach them and, while everyone else laughs at him, Joe’s Dad takes a more practical approach (once he’s finished his tea!). The pair try climbing a ladder, building a tower, a rocket, using a pogo-stick and more, only to fail each and every time. But do they ever give up? “In your dreams!” The beauty in this picture book is that amid all the ‘failure’, they are both having a great time.  Gill Smith’s gorgeous illustrations capture the glorious, messy fun and the deep connection between father and son.  A truly uplifting tale in more ways than one.



The Incredible Adventures of Gaston Le Dog by Michael Rosen & Viviane Schwarz

Cleverly peppered with French animal names, Gaston Le Dog is a lovable character who wants nothing more than to find the beautiful beach he remembers from years gone by. As he sets off on his journey, Gaston is joined by a series of animal companions and the group embark on various escapades. But they are not simply a collection of amusing anecdotes. The brilliant Michael Rosen skillfully weaves elements of humor, courage, and compassion into the adventure – traits the charismatic canine embodies with his positive outlook on life. The writing style is both engaging and accessible, making this an excellent choice for families to read together. Gaston Le Dog is a heartwarming animal-packed adventure that will leave a lasting paw print on your heart.






The Taming of the Cat by Helen Cooper

A modern classic in the making, this novel tells an important story about the power of being true to yourself no matter how small and alone you may be – which is the case of our mousy main character Brie; a story-loving rodent who much prefers bread to cheese and loves to tell fantastical tales. Unfortunately, the other mice in the nest can’t relate to Brie at all, but they are willing to exploit poor Brie when they realise the cheese shop cat – the delightfully devilish Gorgonzola – is distracted by Bries stories long enough for them to raid the cheeses. With its story within a story, cooked up by the endlessly endearing Brie, this fairytale-esque novel will warm you heart…and the delightful illustrations are a veritable feast for the eyes!





The Puppets of Spelhorst by Kate DiCamillo & Julie Morstad

Kate DiCamillo. A name. A guarantee. And another spectacular story. The Puppets of Spelhorst is an enchanting tale about a set of forgotten puppets – a king, a wolf, a girl, a boy and an owl – who suddenly find themselves in a new home, with two sisters who have very different ideas about how tell their stories. The characters are wonderfully distinct and the reader is able to clearly discern the struggles and triumphs of each, adding a layer of emotional resonance to the narrative. With its beautiful illustrations, clever dialogue, unexpected plot twists and subtle humour, this whimsical tale can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. An absolute delight!





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