cogheart - Peter BunzlCogheart is the thrilling debut from UK author Peter Bunzl. Brimming with action, plus unexpected twists and turns, his novel is a brilliant page-turner which will hook you from that intriguing opening chapter.

Lily’s life is in danger. Her father has gone missing, suspected dead, after an attack on his air ship. Lily is immediately pulled out of her boarding school and sent to live with her father’s housekeeper Madame Verdigris. Immediately Lily knows things are even worse than she thought.

Her father had been hiding her from the world ever since the tragic death of her mother, but why? Madame Verdigris’s behaviour is strange and cruel – she sends away Lily’s beloved mechanical servants, and is searching the large house for something… but what?

Meanwhile a boy called Robert, son of a talented mechanical repairer, comes across a highly advanced mechanical fox, Malkin. He’s been injured, and there are two dangerous looking men chasing him. The fox has an important message that must be delivered to a girl called… Lily.

Set in a Victorian landscape populated by mechanical animals and people living alongside humans, Bunzl has created an exciting landscape. His narrative follows Lily and Robert on a dangerous adventure which puts both of them to the test.

Cogheart is a thrilling page turner, and a stunning debut.


Peter Bunzl
Becca Stadtlander

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