Claude at the Palace by Alex T. Smith



Ooh, look who it is!

It is Claude.

Claude is a dog.

Claude is a small, plump dog.

Claude is a small, plump dog who

is quite the snappy dresser.”

HE IS BACK! Yippee! Claude is here, with his trusty side-kick the most fabulous, Sir Bobblysock.

Against Mr Bobblysock’s better judgement the pair venture out in the rain. But. Needs must – they have nothing for elevenses!

When they spot Mr Lovelybun’s van outside the palace, Claude smells an adventure waiting to happen… and he’s right.

You wouldn’t have though that Claude and Mr Bobblysock could be mistaken for Royal Nannies, but Princess Tiara Sparkles is in such a flap… she does exactly that.

Great Granny’s garden party needs organising asap – it’s all been moved inside due to the rain – Princess Tiara Sparkles has other things on her mind!

Filled with wit, warmth and super funny lines, Claude At The Palace – which involves holes and surfboards and sticky jam tarts – will have you giggling. How does he get into such scrapes… and out of them too?

Another lovely hit! The Claude series is just perfect for readers venturing into chapter books for the first time. They’re also GREAT fun to read out loud.




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