Casander Darkbloom and the Threads of Power by P.A.Staff


This book has such an epic plot twist it makes you want to immediately reread the novel AND demand the next one. I think it’s this very element that sets it apart from other magical school stories where a prophesied saviour has to defeat an evil baddie.

I read this novel aloud as a bedtime book to my two children (7 & 10) and they were both equally enthralled by Casander’s story and the magical world in which he finds himself; a world in which he is the Foretold, and the only person in the Balance Lands who has the potential to defeat the magic-stealing Master Of All.

Casander and his new friends Warrior, Paws and Fenix are known as Abnormies in this world – people whose  powers don’t slot nicely into the pigeonholes they are supposed to – Airscapers, Firetamers, Earthshapers, Wavebreakers, Lifemakers & Deathmakers.

Looked down upon by the other students at the magical school, these relatable characters have to work harder than most to earn the respect they deserve. But over the course of this compelling novel they do more than prove themselves – they save the day with their unique  abilities.

Cinematic in scope and set within a brilliantly imagined world, this children’s fantasy series is beautifully written with oodles of  adventure, peril and intrigue to keep those pages turning quickly.  And when it comes all wrapped up in a gorgeous cover by illustrator Nathan Collins, what more could you ask more?

A sequel, of course. Come on, P.A. Staff!


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