Bunnies on the Bus by Phillip Ardagh and Ben Mantle


When looking for a seat on the bus, make sure you are nowhere near any of these disobedient bunnies! Everything you tell your children not to do, they do it and with bells on! Think jumping on the seats, running in the aisle, hanging out of the window, climbing on the roof, screaming very loudly – you get the picture! Which is why this book is a perfect kid’s read, I mean, who doesn’t love a mischievous character? They are certainly in plentiful supply in Philip Ardagh’s latest offering!

Ben Mantle’s illustrations work perfectly with Ardagh’s rhyming text to tell the funny story of a sunny summer’s day in Sunny Town. As well as following the amusing antics of the bunnies on the bus the illustrations are full of sub plots that young readers will love to follow. The emotions of the characters are cleverly and humorously displayed in their faces, you can almost hear the noises and exclamations they would be making as the bus hurtles past them, leaving a trail of chaos in its wake.

Youngsters will love joining in with the repeated phrases and rhymes in the text. It is so much fun to read aloud and lends itself to a bit of a sing song! Be warned, however, that you’ll be singing “bunnies on the bus, bunnies on the bus” for a long time after you have closed the book! It is definitely one that sticks in your head!

In this house we are seriously hoping that the last page is an indicator of more bunny antics to come! It looks like they are about to board another mode of transport and cause yet more pandemonium. What crazy frolics will they get up to this time?

Read our interview with Philip Ardagh, here. 


Philip Ardargh
Ben Mantle
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