bruisedDonna David’s fantastic young adult story, Bruised, centres on a boy who has had to change everything he knows for his own safety and of those around him. Losing contact with his friends has made him isolated and lonely, a predicament many young people find themselves in today.

Dean and Finn are best friends. They do everything together…well, they used to. Finn’s behaviour has changed and Dean is getting worried. Not only is Finn late for school every day now but he’s stopped speaking to Dean and avoids him at all costs. When he continues to ignore Dean’s calls and texts, Dean presumes now that he’s moved to the other side of town, he no longer wants to be friends.

Finn’s life has changed dramatically. Mark, his Mum’s new boyfriend, lashes out at him and he doesn’t know what to do. Finn’s been sent to live with his gran, but all he can think about is getting his mum out of the house away from danger. He loses his way and finds himself in dangerous situations, near-misses with the police are the final straw. Finn knows he’s lost touch with those that matter most, he just needs to re-connect but how can he do that without telling everyone what’s going on? Would they believe him if he did?

Bruised is a thought provoking read for those in the same situation or those who might know someone who is. This challenging topic of domestic abuse has been written with consideration, leaving the reader under no illusion of the choices young people need to make in order to survive.

A courageous story of friendship, no matter what.

Bruised is part of a new series of Young Adult stories from Badger Learning with mature themes and riveting stories designed specifically for struggling YA readers.



Donna David
Dave Robbins
Badger Learning

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