Boundless Sky by Amanda Addison & Manuela Adreani


Nobody knew, nobody dreamed,
nobody even considered the possibility that a bird which fits in your hand might fly halfway round the world – and back again.

So begins the lyrical tale of Boundless Sky by Amanda Addison and Manuela Adreani, published by Lantana.

As autumn comes to the UK, Bird begins to migrate. Over dreamily-illustrated spreads, we follow her journey over gardens, oceans, flapping kites and the jungle canopy. She stops to drink at a desert oasis and meets a girl called Leila, before continuing on to Africa – and then all the way back again to the UK.


But the book is not just about Bird’s journey, but Leila’s too. When they meet for the second time, a lot has changed. The ending is perfect and uplifting, and bound to encourage conversations about migration and the idea of home.

Everything about this book is gorgeous, even the bird-covered endpapers! Children will also no doubt enjoy the maps at the beginning and end, showing Bird’s route halfway across the world.

An important book and a joy to read (and re-read).


Amanda Addison
Manuela Adreani
Lantana Publishing

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