Beetle Boy

Beetle Boy - MG Leonard

From Beetle to Hero!

When Scientist Bartholomew Cuttle goes missing from a locked room, his 13 year-old son, Darkus, has no idea where to turn to for help. To his surprise he encounters a beetle who seems to want to help find his dad too, a kindred spirit on the hunt for the same answers.

Suddenly alone, his Uncle Max takes him under his wing and helps Darkus on his quest to find out what really happened that fateful night. Darkus and his new beetle friend, Baxter, are convinced that his neighbours Humphrey and Pickering are involved in his dad’s disappearance and as the police begin to give up hope, Darkus, along with his friends, Virginia and Bertolt, begin an investigation of their own. The further along the ‘search for dad’ trail they go, the more bewildering and astonishing things he finds out about his Scientist dad. Secrets even he couldn’t imagine!

Enemies of the four and two-legged kind try to stop the mission but with the help of his friends and a hard-shelled army of beetles they must overthrow the villainous Lucretia Cutter if there is any hope of finding his dad!

If you like fast paced adventure with a little intrigue, mystery and don’t mind the odd beetle scuttling across the page, then MG Leonard’s Beetle Boy is for you. Charlotte’s Web meets Indiana Jones!

Next in the series: Beetle Queen.


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