Bee Boy: Attack of the Zombees

beeboyattackofthezombiesAttack of the Zombees is such a fun nature-based, comic book/chapter book mash-up!

Book two in Tony De Saulles Bee Boy series sees Melvin Meadly (aka a boy with weird special powers that enable him to turn into a bee and become Bee Boy!) investigate a batch of sinister honey making school children sick.

Behind the poisoning, Melvin and his friend Priti (with the help of some beekeeping knowledge and clever Venus Fly Traps, of course) discover the new kid in town – Berty Crump – has a Uncle who is rich, famous and exploiting bees by using chemicals. This creates horrible, huge Zombees.

So, with some wonderful and fun illustrations that help tick this story along, Melvin sets out to stop Uncle Crump, and his bee buddies help too.

What’s good about this book, is it highlights the very topical plight of bees dying across the world due to excessive pesticide use – but it does so in a stealthily educational way as part of the fun story.

If you have a reluctant (or young) reader, Attack of the Zombees will bee perfect for them. It’ll get them buzzing with excitement!


Tony De Saulles
Tony De Saulles
Oxford University Press

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