Beautiful Eggs by Alice Lindstrom


Beautiful Eggs is a large-format board book that mixes an inspiring world of culture with artistic activities. Families gather in different places around the globe to create beautiful patterns for egg decorations. Using their cultural symbology, numerous countries produce dazzling works of art with distinct meanings for different kinds of celebrations.

I simply love it when history and tradition are introduced in a fun and artistic way. As a child who loved to draw and paint, this is exactly the kind of book that I would have loved to receive. I can imagine the fun that I would have had telling stories through my drawings on different eggs. My personal favourite was the Cascarones from Mexico. Painted in bright colours the eggs would have a surprise inside — an explosion of confetti!

From bee’s wax and paint made from plants, to patterns created with lace and foraged leaves, this book shows a wide variety of design and techniques that were passed down through generations. Truly interesting traditions that can now be reproduced with your own family.

Now, this book’s visual presentation was clearly as carefully thought as the stories were picked. With amazing cut-paper illustrations, Alice Lindstrom generates an inspiring crafting atmosphere that makes the readers want to pull up their sleeves and start working! The illustrations match perfectly the whole book’s concept, being especially similar to the Washi egg style — a Japanese technique of carefully cutting origami-like paper to the right shapes and sticking to the eggs.

In a lovely touch, at the end of the book you can find a stencil to trace an egg and create your own story. A fun and creative way to celebrate and learn about Easter. Add this book to the chocolate and enjoy the perfect holiday!

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