Beautiful Birds

beautifulbirdsIf you are looking for a deliciously beautiful picture book then Beautiful Birds is for you.

A recent article in a national newspaper (you can read it here) discussed how picture books are not just for babies … Beautiful Birds, a picture book created by Jean Roussen & Emmanuelle Walker, illustrates Lorna’s point just perfectly.

Beautiful Birds glides through the alphabet opening the reader’s eyes to a vast and varied collection of feathered friends. Each featured bird is accompanied by little nuggets of


information, beautifully phrased …

‘N is for nightingales

who sing us to sleep,

and for nuthatches who

bore into trees deep.’

The illustrations that fill each and every page are just divine. Each page is beautifully thick and is just a pleasure to meander through.

Beautiful Birds

Beautiful Birds

Beautiful Birds

Beautiful Birds is most definitely a ‘Keep Forever’ picture book. It really is quite special.

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