Barbara Throws a Wobbler by Nadia Shireen

For any of us who’ve ever thrown a wobbler, or had to deal with a pre-schooler having a meltdown over the wrong kind of juice, this book is a joy. I loved the handy mood guide and am definitely guilty of The Seethe, The Tizzy and The Sulk, and it’s only lunchtime.

Barbara’s bad mood builds and builds:

“It had started in the morning because of a sock problem. And at lunchtime there had been a strange pea.”

– until a massive red, angry jelly Wobbler hovers over her head. But only Barbara can make it disappear, for a while at least.

Packed with humour and engaging illustrations coupled with a light touch with child psychology, Barbara Throws a Wobbler is a fabulous book.



Nadia Shireen
Nadia Shireen
Jonathan Cape

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