Baby’s First Bank Heist – Jim Whalley & Stephen Collins

babysfirstbankheistWell, what a cheeky little book we have here!

Anyone who’s been around babies knows that they are resourceful little critters, and more often that not, cleverer than us silly grown-ups give them credit for! Take Frank for example, the (infant) criminal mastermind in Baby’s First Bank Heist by debut author Jim Whalley and illustrator Stephen Collins; Frank wants a pet; his parents say no, and therein lies the problem. ‘No’ is meaningless to Frank who is determined to find the means to secure himself an animal companion. Bandit mask on, there’s no stopping Frank, but can he stop at just one pet?

Upon reading this book to my 3 year old, I think he thought it was a How To manual; he too bangs on about wanting a pet almost every day. Recently the pet requests have included but are not limited to, a squirrel, blue tit, marine iguana, bat and a camel, so he was most impressed with Frank’s tenacity when it came to pet acquisition!

Stephen Collins’ style of illustration is perfect for this madcap story, and Frank’s facial expressions are brilliantly rendered in bright, simple-but-detailed pictures. I laugh-snorted unintentionally at the picture of Frank sitting on his mum’s lap on the bus with all the money stuffed in his babygro!

We thoroughly enjoyed Frank’s first adventure and are looking forward to the next installment (as promised at the end of the book!) however, I’m proceeding with caution with this one though, for fear my son will act upon his inner Frank and start eyeing up the bank next time we’re in town!!!

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Jim Whalley
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