Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door and the Mermaid’s Treasure

Aziza is going on holiday with her family and needs to pack her case quickly. Around the secret fairy door in her bedroom she finds shells, sand and everything connected to the seaside. How did they get there? There’s only one way to find out…
Stepping through the secret fairy door, Aziza is back on Shimmerton’s beach to find that misbehaved fairies, the Gigglers, are being extremley mischievous. Not only are they causing havoc on the golden sands but they’ve been so noisy, they’ve disturbed an ancient shell-walker from its slumber.
Determined to stop the shell-walker from growing even bigger than it already is, Azizia needs to find a way to stop it growing. When she meets mermaid, Sirena, she learns of a magical conch shell that can help!  With her anglerfish and jelly fish friends helping them find the treasure down in the depths of the sea, Aziza’s adventures are only just beginning! Will she find it in time? You’ll have to read this fantastic story to find out…
Lola Morayo (a pen name for fabulous writers Jasmine Richards and Tọlá Okogwu) has created another fantastic story from the Secret Fairy Door series for readers aged 6+.
Beautifully illustrated by Cory Reid, every reader will want to swim like a mermaid and search for hidden treasure in the deep sea alongside their maritime friends! This fun story of friendship, perseverance and courage is a must-have for everyone.

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