Autumn Moonbeam, Spooky Sleepover! by Emma Finlayson-Parker

Autumn is a little nervous for her first day at Sparkledale Academy but with her love of dance and help from her friends she overcomes her fears and she can’t wait for the sleepover that’s been organised. When things don’t go as expected, Autumn and her friends investigate who’s behind the magical elements that are keeping them all awake. Will they find out who is making things go bump in the night?
Book two in the Autumn Moonbeam series, Emma Finlayson-Palmer’s has created another fantastic story about the dance-loving Autumn and her friends. Heidi Cannon’s illustrations have brought the characters to life, once again, as they navigate the spooky events that are taking place at their sleepover. It’s a brilliant story about friendship and following your dreams!

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