Autumn Moonbeam – Dance Magic by Emma Finlayson-Palmer

The try-outs for Sparkledale Dance Academy are coming up and Autumn Moonbeam is excitedly terrified, this has been her dream for years! What if she forgets her routine or her magic doesn’t work! After all, those bursts of colour with every step she takes are what makes her moves so special. With her twin Zeph, and her friends Batty and Leif urging her on, she ignores her niggling doubts and nervously takes her place on the stage.

When nasty neighbour, Severina Bloodworth, places a trickster spell on her during the auditions, Autumn turns into a cat! Thankfully the dance teachers know a thing or two about magic so she is back to her old self in no time. Autumn is now convinced this has ruined her chances of getting a place on the competitive dance team.

Does Autumn pass her audition? Will Severina ever use her magic for good? You will have to read this amazing magical adventure to find out!

Emma Finlayson-Palmer has craftily spun a web of magic and mayhem in her debut story ‘Autumn Moonbeam – Dance Magic‘. Her neuro diverse characters, like herself, strive for an inclusive world, in the hope that one day every child will see themselves in a book. With fantastic illustrations by Heidi Cannon, this creative collaboration will have you tapping your feet, casting spells and dancing until you drop! A wonderful story of friendship, courage and hope that dreams do come true.

The second in the series ‘Autumn Moonbeam – Spooky Sleepover’ is out in October 2022!

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