At The Speed of Lies by Cindy L. Otis

When teenagers go missing in her sleepy town, Quinn Calvet tries to use her influence and followers on The Whine to spread the word and help find them before it’s too late. Little does she know this has the opposite effect on her life and those around her when fake news challenges the truth. With the police failing to investigate, more kids go missing sparking a huge rise of reactions and shares that sends her viral and her on-line presence begins to be questioned.


When those around her start to drift away, suppressed feelings about her disability and where she fits into her family dynamic and beyond, rise to the surface. Threatening to topple everything she knows and the relationships she holds with those she loves, she finds herself on the outside amid the unwanted spotlight on her. With her best friend Ximena now spending more time with her boyfriend, and her sister, Ava embracing every school club and study time she can get her hands on, she begins to question the solid foundations of her life.


Wild conspiracy theories about the kidnappings start to unravel her usually quiet town and it’s not long before everyone is involved. Who is really to blame? When will the truth come out? Will Quinn survive the wrath of suspicion?


Cindy Otis has created a masterpiece of intrigue that enables the reader to question everything about the world we live in. With a CIA background, attention to detail is assured as you enter Quinn’s life, it’s not until the facts reveal themselves and the truth is out there for everyone to see that the pieces of this incredible puzzle fit together. A superb Young Adult novel full of twists and turns with brilliant design by Mike Heath, ‘At the Speed of Lies’ is a nod to the on-line life some internet influencers revel in. It’s a fantastic sneak peek into the digital world that captures us all, whether we want it to or not. Just one click and it’s up to you decide what is or isn’t real. Set amongst a police investigation in a small town setting, this novel surprises at every page turn.


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